Products That Sell Themselves.


Improve your space today with Action Sports Posters and prints you love that won’t break the bank.

The USPD (UPILAB Sports Product Dept.) has been sneeking away to games and thought up customized Multi-Pose Action Prints. All of our Action Sports Poster designs come in 1 thru 6 image layouts. Some posters are customized with the Players Name and Jersey Number. Other poster styles include the Team Name and Year. We proof every poster before we send them to print.

They are printed on Metallic Kodak paper, High Grade Aluminum and Fleece Blanket Material. Open Sports ROES and check them out today.


Show school spirit, player pride or any number of special events. Our Big Head Fans can be used for any occasion.

The UFPD (UPILAB Fun Product Dept.) has at it again and thought up Big Head Fans. We take your head shot, throw it in the lazer and cut out the background. Then we attach a large stick to the back and voila, you have a Big Fan made from your subjects Head. These are great for showing pride in a player at a sporting event, novelties for a wedding or a party and they work wonders at airports when picking up family members back from vacation.

They are Press printed on 350gsm cover stock paper.


The UFPD (UPILAB Fun Product Dept.) has been at it again and came up with customized Phone Snap Sockets! They come in two colors, white or black, can hold up your phone or tablet like an easel. You can place any image you want on the phone snap socket, even company or team logos. They are located in Novelty under Phone Snap Sockets.


Many styles to choose from, great for showing team spirit. Open up UPILAB Sports ROES and check them out.

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