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In sports, they are generally given as coach’s gifts thanking them for all they do and for diagramming out plays. In the corporate world, they are used as ad specialty products showing logos and customers use them for inventory checking off purposes. They are also given to a company staff member showing achievement and recognition. In schools, they are tools for learning ABC’s, math, and teacher appreciation gifts.

UPILAB Clipboard products made from 2-Sided 1/8″ Gloss Hardboard. Gloss surfaces are Dry-Erasable and easy to use.

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8×10 Curved Metal Print

Curved two sided photo panels are an exciting new line of sublimatable products from UPILAB. These panels allow you to sell a completely finished photo product to your customers, capturing some of the additional revenue your customers now spend elsewhere on framing.

These panels can be used to create stunning photo displays — perfect for a fireplace mantle, living room wall, library shelf, or the top of an armoire.

These curved gloss white aluminum photo panels really make your images pop for a rich look! Bring the drama of Metal Prints to the desktop. With a semi-circular design, Curved Metal Prints stand alone, no frame or easel necessary. With Curved Metal Prints your images come alive with luminescent color and life-like detail.

These high definition aluminum photo panels give a unique look to any photo. These photo panels are unlike anything else available.
(8×10 two sided 0.045″ gloss white aluminum w/ .25″ rounded corners)

13×14 Seat Cushion

Seat Cushions bring much needed comfort to cold, hard metal stadium and wooden bleacher seating at sporting events—and they’re a great way to show school spirit with the large imprint area. Adding sports team logos is pretty standard, but maybe you could also add some unique touches, like the stats and photos of particular sports stars or even make a cheerleader cushion that highlights the team mascot as well as the gals. Plus, these brand builders can serve double-duty as a kneeler that gardeners, plumbers, mechanics and maintenance workers will appreciate.

To create a giveaway program, schools can co-op with a local business to co-brand the cushions—allowing the sports program to defray costs and the business to show support for the home team. Incorporate a social media aspect by having recipients share photos on social media to receive a coupon for future purchase. A lucrative market in garden products could be created.

Fun Packs

A staple school and daycare product, Fun Packs are a colorful collection of press printed, clear plastic-laminated, and die cut novelty items. All novelty items, include a small subject photo to personalize the fun pack.

Fun Packs come in a wide variety of different template themes and are designed for interactive fun.

Children of all ages can punch out the items for custom Door hangers, Bookmarks, ID tags and Key Fobs. Open ROES and check them out today.

License Plates and Frames

UPILAB has many License Plates and Frames available for personalization. Show your school spirit…boost your favorite team…or just create personalized tags for cars with metal license plates. Each come with pre-drilled holes for easy mounting.

Whether it’s patriotic, athletic, religious, or personal- our license plates can be customized to target any market. Be creative or let your customers express themselves! And with the addition of our license plate frame, you can highlight your favorite teams, hobbies, or quote.

Get ready to completely amaze your customers while exceeding their expectations!

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